Which Are Some Of The Best Bunk Bed Mattresses In 2018?

By Amanda Carrillo | Bedding & Bath

Feb 20

Are you still looking to find the first of many good nights’ sleep? If yes, the problem could be that you are missing one thing: a good mattress. Just like the best recliner for back pain, the best bunk bed mattress can help you find restful sleep every night. Still, there is a lot that goes into finding the best bedding for your bunk beds.

Other than thickness, firmness, and size, you will also need to consider safety, headroom and much more before you find the right one for your needs.


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How To Choose The Best Bunk Bed Mattress

While finding the best bunk bed mattress is subjective, there are some key features you will need to keep in mind.


The size of a bunk bed mattress is without a doubt one of the most important features to consider when buying one. Confirm your bunk bed first to see if it needs Full or Twin-sized mattresses, which are the most common types. Most traditional beds need two Twin bunk bed mattresses. However, Twin over Full bunk bed is becoming more popular. Your bunk bed may need a mattress that is Full over Full or even Full over Queen. Make sure you know what size mattresses you need before making a purchase. If the mattress is for an adult, consider a larger size or at least a twin XL if the bed will allow it.


The thickness of your mattress is dependent on your weight. However, the thicker your mattress, the more comfort and support it will offer. The standard twin size bunk bed mattress is between 7.5 and 12 inches thick.

When choosing a mattress for the top bunk, you need to be wary of the guardrails. Your mattress should not be too thick so that it stretches taller than the bed’s guardrails. You do not want the sleeper to roll out of bed. On average, the top bunk bed mattress should not exceed 7 inches, not unless the guardrails of your bed are exceptionally higher than most on the market. The guardrails need to be extended at least 5 inches above the mattress top.

​Although the bottom bunk bed has no safety restrictions with regard to thickness, it is important for you to know that the thicker the mattress, the less headroom there is. Hence, it is highly recommended that you choose a low-profile mattress for the bottom bunk as well.


The firmness of a mattress is a matter of preference. Therefore, whatever makes you or the person who will be sleeping on it comfortable is the most ideal. A mattress is a year-long investment. You need to make sure to buy the right mattress to avoid going shopping for another one in the near future.


Not all mattresses are created the same. You will always find some that are constructed better than others. A poor quality mattress will sag in the middle after just a few months of use. On the other hand, a quality mattress will hold its form and remain supportive for many years. Before making a purchase, find out what materials were used to construct it as it will give you a great idea of the quality.

Read Customer Reviews

This is another great way to gauge the quality of a mattress. It is always a good idea to get someone else’s opinion that has used a specific mattress before buying one. Buying the best bunk bed mattress is a costly investment, and you do not want to make a purchase that you will regret later on. If others have had a good experience, there is a good chance you will too. Always be cautious of buying models with numerous complaints, especially if they are about the mattress not being able to hold its shape.

Top 5 Best Bunk Bed Mattresses 2018 – Reviews and Guide

1. Best 2 Rest 10” Natural Latex Foam Mattress

BEST 2 REST Memory Foam Mattress cool Gel-Infused Soft- Made in USA

The Best 2 Rest Twin mattress features a 10-inch mattress with 2 inches of cool gel that sit on the 8 inches of high-density support foam. It is a great RV mattress replacement. It features quality memory foam technology that easily contours and molds to the body. Its innovative gel infused plus memory foam is ground, blended and infused in the foam to aid in keeping temperatures down and enhancing air flow.

The Best 2 Rest Twin mattress is manufactured using non-toxic materials and an antimicrobial pad that protects it against dust, mites and allergens. 

You will not have to worry about getting an additional encasement. It is made out of CertiPUR-US certified foam material that is free of flame retardants, phthalates, and formaldehyde.


  • It contains a cool gel that helps draw heat away from the body to help reduce body temperature when sleeping
  • The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and comes with a 20-year warranty
  • Smart shipping: This mattress is delivered compressed and boxed
  • Resistant to dust mites and allergy proof
  • Conforms to your body and minimizes motion transfer
  • Helps relieve back pain: The memory foam work to create comfort, whereas the natural latex and high-density foam layers offer robust support to align your spine and neck


  • It might be too thick for a top bunk bed due to its thickness
  • Has a lengthy expansion period of up to 48 hours to expand to its original size
  • It lacks in edge support

2. Best Price 7” Memory Foam Mattress

Budget and serenity go hand in hand in the Best Price 7” Memory Foam Mattress. This model boasts of 1” gel memory foam sleep cool layering system, 2” of ventilated pressure relief, cool foam and 4” of high-density foam that provides long lasting durability and stability.

The mattress is encased in a 100% poly jacquard cover. The gel memory foam has an open cell design structure that contains thousands of gel beads which ensure optimal airflow and movement.

 Best Price Mattress 7-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The gel foam also aids in keeping the mattress cool for a soothing sleep experience. The comfort provided by this mattress is balanced with the refreshing gel that provides coolness and ultimate support. People love Best Price 7” Memory Foam Mattress for its pressure relief, comfort and body contouring feature. This mattress is highly recommended for relieving pressure on your back and neck.


  • Its chemical smell does not last more than a day
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Affordably priced
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Eradicates all support problems


  • Can be a little too firm for some people

3. Arctic Dreams 10" Cooling Gel Mattress

Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress Made in the USA

If you are looking to upgrade your mattress, this three-layered mattress is a great option to consider. Its three layers work together to provide the necessary comfort you need to enjoy maximum sleep. The layers comprise of .75” of super soft quilting, 2.5” of fast response EnergexTM and 6.75” of high-density polyurethane foam that is CertuPur-US certified. It uses a gel infused breathable foam to provide cool quality sleep.


  • Affordable
  • Does not retain body heat
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Eliminates motion disturbance
  • It is compressed in a box for easy shipping and setup


  • It does not have a trial period, meaning that you cannot try it before buying

4. LineSpa 8” Memory foam Mattress

LineSpa 8” packs a lot of support and comfort in its profile, which includes 6” coil base for improved breathability. It also has a generous 1.5” foam layer with extra foam and felt layers over the steel coils. Considering the memory foam component, this mattress is quite affordable. If you are still debating the pros and cons of foam versus spring mattress, the lineSpa memory foam hybrid may be the perfect mix for you. It offers a balanced combination of forward-thinking sleep technology and time-tested quality that enables it to strike a balance between comfort and durability.

 Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress


  • Its price is quite affordable for a hybrid foam mattress
  • Firm and bouncy: The traditional innerspring engineering makes it firm and supportive
  • Can handle any weight, thanks to the coils
  • Packed for light and easy handling
  • Breathability: Its layered design combined with the springs allows air to permeate through the mattress while still retaining its softness seamlessly
  • It is a certiPUR-US foam product


  • Dodgy edges: Its edges are not as firm as you would want
  • No soft comfort: It is a little too firm
  • Off-gassing: takes no less than a week to off-gas (remove all the odd chemical smells)

5. Sweetnight 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US Certified, Twin Size

Sweenight Queen Mattress 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a box with CertiPUR-US Certified, Queen Size

If you are looking to sleep like a baby and wake up happy, this is the mattress for you. This 3- layered foam mattress contains 2 inches gel infused memory foam for regulating temperature, 5 inch comfort foam that helps ease pressure points and keep your body perfectly balanced, and the 3 inch high density support foam that offers good motion support for a quiet night. This mattress is made for different body weights and sleeping positions, whether you are a back sleeper or side sleeper, light or heavy weight, this mattress provides adequate support.


  • Two in one Mattress: If you are not happy with one side, all you need is to flip it over to try the other one
  • Affordable and its quality is more than top-notch
  • No chemical smells
  • Bouncy, yet supportive feeling
  • Compressed and boxed for convenient shipping
  • Provides localized motion
  • Certifiably healthy


  • Too fluffy: Although it has two sides, none of them can be described as very firm or hard


There are many great bunk bed mattress options out there to choose from. Whether you are looking for a firm or soft mattress, with a little dedicated research, you will be able to find the best bunk bed mattress for your needs. Out of out these five top-rated brands, we are generally impressed with the Best 2 rest 10” mattress. This mattress offers comfort, support, bounce and temperature regulation. The little extras like the 20-year warranty and allergy-proof cover helps to make the deal even sweeter. Sweet Dreams!

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