5 Simple Steps You Should Follow When Cleaning An Air Mattress

By Amanda Carrillo | Baby and Kid

Apr 08

Air mattresses are fun to use. You can deflate them whenever you want to store them or when you are traveling and inflate them whenever you want to use them. They are mostly used for guests, camping and road trips.


However, you can still use them as your primary mattress. They are quite better to use compared to standard mattresses. They are flexible and their firmness can be adjusted as per user needs. Like any other mattress, they need to be kept clean and conducive to use. Many people do not know how to clean air mattresses. And if they do clean them, they do it in an inappropriate way.

It is important to get yourself informed on how to clean your air mattress for better and lasting services. That is why am here. I will give you quality tips and guidelines on how to clean your air mattress.

Why Your Air Mattress Is Dirty?

First things first, you need to know what makes your mattress dirty or in other words how your mattress gets dirty. This will help you strategize on how to prevent these occurrences.

Dusty Bedroom

Most bedrooms have very poor ventilation and this may lead to excessive dust penetration into your bedroom. It’s obvious if your bedroom is dusty, your mattress is most likely to be dusty as well.


Wateriness on your mattress when combined with the dust will create a mud-like substance that sticks and remains on your mattress. This mad-like coat makes your mattress dirty and ugly. Apart from your mattress in a conducive manner, you ought to make it maintain its color and beauty. Moisture sometimes may lead to the development of fungus and bad odors on your mattress.

Improper Use

Using your mattress inappropriately may make it dirty. For instance, when you sleep on your mattress with dirty and dusty legs will definitely make your mattress dirty. It is good to wash your body before using your air mattress


Sweat is a result of body excretion and thus it is a body waste. It is made-up of minerals, lactic acid, and urea. Most people sweat at night. This sweat drips down to your mattress and dries-up to form a dirt coat on your mattress. Keep your bedroom well ventilated to prevent unnecessary sweating caused by high temperatures

Improper Inflation

As much as you are advised not inflate your mattress with too much air to avoid blowouts, it also advised keeping your mattress inflated enough. Less inflated mattresses are likely to have dust concentrates in some sinking areas.

Using It For A Long Time

Everything gets old and dirty after being used for a long without washing or cleaning. This is why you should clean your mattress regularly.

How To Clean Your Air Mattress

As I said earlier in the article, most people are not aware of the way they should clean their air mattresses. It’s an easy process. You only need to perform the task in the right manner. Below is the guideline.

1. Unplug The Mattress From The Power Socket

If your mattress has an inbuilt pump you may skip this step. But if this is not the case, first and for most, ensure that your air mattress is not connected to the power source for safety measures. It helps avoid possible dangers connected to electric power. For instance, handling an air mattress when it is still plugged into the power socket may lead to deadly electric shock which mostly may lead to death or paralysis.

2. Remove Any Coverings On The Mattress

If you keep sheets or blankets on your air mattress, its time you remove them. These can be put into a cleaning machine. Mark u, the mattress should be kept inflated. This makes it easy for you to wash the nooks and crannies. It is difficult to confirm that your air mattress is now clean when it is deflated.

3. Use A Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum will be convenient to use before applying the wiping method. This is to ensure that the tiny invisible dirt element is vacuumed. Still, in this case, the mattress should be inflated for easy and better vacuum operation.

Don’t apply much force to avoid unnecessary punctures. Make sure your vacuum is plugged in well. Gently slide the vacuum over the mattress. Make sure that the attachment is maintained for optimum vacuuming of the debris. Once you are done with this, you can proceed to the next step.

4. Clean Using A Piece Of Soft Cloth

After vacuuming everything, you should now start using a piece of soft cloth to wipe the air mattress. Make sure the cloth is soaked well in rubbing alcohol. Concentrate on the more affected areas. This is the best way to clean grime and other related dirt.

Pour more rubbing alcohol on the stubborn stains. Rub vigorously and rinse the mattress severally. This way you will be able to get rid of the stains. Don't forget to use a soft cloth. Rough and hard clothes may cause damage to the surface of your air mattress.

It is crucial to ensure that no water or moisture penetrates into the inner parts of your air mattress during the cleaning process. Moisture could lead to mold development which causes damage to your mattress of emission of bad odor.

5. Let Your Air Mattress Dry-Out

Remember I said moisture is an agent of dirt on your mattress. In that case, it is advisable for you to dry your air mattress completely after the cleaning. This is to ensure that no moisture is left on the surface of your mattress. You can use electric dryers or dry it on the sun.

If you choose to use an electric dryer, make sure you set the temperatures carefully. Use enough and appropriate amounts of heat lest you end-up burning your mattress. I strongly recommend sun drying for you to avoid inconveniences. No possible burns could be related to sun drying whatsoever. You can also choose to dry it by the wind. Even though it is slow, it is safer compared to electric and sun drying.

Pro Tip

In order to maintain the cleanliness of your air mattress, I advise you to make sure your bedroom and the surfaces on which you place your air mattress is kept dry and clean too. Keep your room well ventilated to avoid unnecessary air expansion and condensing for your air mattress firmness maintenance.


So now you have the best tips and superb guidelines you could ever use when to clean and maintain your air mattress. Am quite sure you wouldn’t like sleeping on a dirty and smelly air mattress. Everyone needs maximum comfort when sleeping for adequate body refreshment. Make sure put into consideration the tips I listed for you in earlier in the article. The above steps are quite perfect and easy to follow. Following them to the latter is all that you need. Don’t ignore any of them as long as you are concerned. Remember cleanliness is the most important part of your general health.

Besides, the cleanliness here mostly concerns your sleep which is an important part of everyone’s life. Enjoy your camping tours and road trips with a clean air mattress. A clean and fresh mattress counts for a comfortable and sound sleep.


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