Outdoor Patio Furniture – All You Need To Know

By Amanda Carrillo | Furniture

Dec 31

Today, many folks have designed outdoor spaces for a number of reasons. These spaces can be used for relaxation, entertainment, socializing or hosting social functions such as weddings and outdoor parties. To make this space elegant and comfortable, garden furniture is necessary.


Patio furniture is not just furniture placed outside, it must add elegance, charm and sophistication to space. The choice of garden furniture depends on personal preference. This article will discuss garden furniture and accessories in detail.

Garden furniture is patio furnishing designed for outdoor use. It is made in such a way that it can endure the harsh outdoor conditions.

These conditions include long sunlight hours, rain, the wind, snow and other weather elements. They are designed for a wide range of materials such as wood, wicker/rattan, metal, plastic/acrylic, glass, wrought iron and concrete. The properties of these materials determine the durability, quality and longevity of the furniture. Each material has unique characteristics. The secret to selecting appropriate patio furniture lies in understanding these unique characteristics of what they are made of.

Furniture made from wood is sturdy and non-heat absorbing. However, it is vulnerable to certain weather conditions such as moisture. It is also less durable compared to other materials such as aluminum. Aluminum makes light, long lasting and rust resistant furniture. This furniture is also affordable and easy to maintain. Wrought iron makes all-weather resistant and rust resistant furniture.

Concrete makes furniture that is heavy, long lasting and all-weather resistant. Teak is the most preferred material for outdoor furniture because it has silica which makes it resistant to fungal decay, chemicals and rotting. It is also water proof.

Mahogany is also used to make water proof furniture. Mahogany made furniture is also resistant to chemicals, fire, acids and alkalis. Mahogany made furniture exhibits stylish silver glow. Steel makes sturdy and durable furniture.

The decision to select particular furniture is determined by the space available, weather conditions, how much you want to spend and the style of your house.

Outdoor furniture includes dining sets, sofa sets, benches, chairs and seating, tables, daybeds, swing seats, hammocks, hanging chairs and stands, garden bars, bistro sets, lounge garden furniture. Garden accessories include parasols, furniture covers, furniture cushions, parasol stands and bases, birdbaths, plant stands, planter boxes and trellises. Furniture accessories are necessary to add detail to the outdoor space.

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters make it possible for people to sit outside in cold weather and keep warm. They operate under different sources of heat such as electricity, bottled butane, propane or natural gas to provide heat. They can be portable self supporting or mounted on eaves and patio roofs. Fire pits are used to keep warm

Garden Parasol

Garden parasol resembles umbrellas. They are designed to protect the occupants from direct sunlight.

Dining Sets

Patio dining sets come in sets with a dining table and chairs. There are varieties of dining tables to fit diverse personal preferences. Most dining sets are designed for 4 to 6 occupants and come with an equal number of chairs. They can be rectangular or round. This furniture is made from wood or metal (wrought iron). Teak is most preferred because its furniture is durable and easy to maintain. Most dining sets are fitted with umbrellas to provide shade.


They come in various designs and shapes such as rectangular, round, square or oval. They can be made from wood, metal, wicker or glass. Your choice of a particular table will be determined by personal preferences.

Bistro Sets

This is a set of a table and two chairs. It is a good option when your space cannot fit a large dining set. Most bistro sets are made of metal because it has a stylish appearance and it’s durable. However, metal furniture has to be painted to prevent rusting. Since metal furniture heats up during sunny days, it will need cushions.

Seating Sets

These include sofa sets, benches and chairs. Some of the best folding chairs include Casco All Steel 4-Pack Folding Chair, Cosco Resin Folding Chair with Molded Seat and Flex One Folding Chair. A particular seating set is determined by personal preference.

Lounge Garden Furniture

This includes a sofa, a coffee table and two chairs. Rattan is the best material for lounge garden furniture because of its ease of movement (light weight)

Garden Swing Chair

A swing chair is added to enhance the look of your compound. It can be used for relaxing and resting.


Daybeds are made of wood, metal or both. It is used for reclining or seating. Outdoor daybeds have a roof like a feature at the top to shade from direct sunlight. They have a back, sides and a trundle to create more sleeping space. Modern Daybeds are circular with a canopy.


A hammock is a sling made of fabric, netting or rope suspended between two anchor points such as trees or posts. It is used to relax, swing or sleep. Hammocks are preferred because they are comfortable and maximize available space. Hammocks are often used to sunbath during summer.


This is a sofa or armchair that has a backrest that can be tilted. It has adjustable footrest as well. Some recliners have lumber support, adjustable headrest and independent stool. The stool adjusts with the weight and angle of the occupant’s legs. They can be used for sleeping and relaxing.


While you could choose to set up your extra living room in an open garden, a gazebo might be a better option. Gazebos are attractive and come in the infinite range of shapes and designs. They could be rectangular, square, a six or eight sided formation.

A simple gazebo has a roof top and open sides. It could be designed to serve as a temporary or a permanent structure. This is a perfect place for relaxation or hosting social functions such as garden weddings. To make it a comfortable outdoor space, place some luxurious furniture such as patio dining tables, recliners and patio lounge chairs. If gazebos are not your preference, consider canopies and pergolas.

To enhance the view of your compound consider adding ornaments, artwork, lighting and color. These include sculpture, paintings, photos and garden more. Make sure all the ornaments and artwork that you have settled for is weatherproof, can endure the outdoor conditions.

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